Website SEO Audits

Our professional website audit service is perfect for businesses that want to ascertain the effectiveness of their website, allowing you to start making improvements that will increase organic rankings. Our search engine experts use a wide range of SEO tools and software to analyse your website so we can provide you with recommendations that are based on current SEO best practices. You will receive and in-depth review your website that helps to identify any key opportunities that will help to improve rankings and drive quality traffic from relevant searches.

  • Site Evaluation – Our SEO specialists will identify weak, missing, duplicative, or poorly constructed SEO elements.
  • Semantic Issues – We check your websites semantic structure, helping to pinpoint any code and content issues.
  • Duplicate Content – We diagnose duplicate content issues in your website's page structure, copy, and Metadata.
  • Link Profile Review – We evaluate your external link profile to determine if it contains any undesirable links.
  • Competitor Research – We identify your SEO competitors, analyse their online presence, and do site comparisons.