Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

You know that you need to get more leads and customers online. So you need effective pay per click (PPC) advertising that maximizes your return on investment. Our certified PPC managers take the time to fully understand your business and develop an intelligent PPC strategy that is customized to meet your unique business goals. A well thought out PPC strategy that will quickly deliver new streams of qualified customers to your business. If you’re wondering why PPC isn’t providing you with the ROI you want, contact us to learn why we’re the best PPC agency to help boost your inbound lead generation and conversions.

  • 16+ Years Digital Marketing Experience
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Transparency & Detailed Reporting

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Pay Per Click Services

PPC Management Services

Our fully certified In-house Search Marketing team will optimize and manage your account, helping you generate more leads, grow sales, and achieve greater return on investment.

PPC Account Audit

You receive a comprehensive evaluation of your PPC account structure, ad copy and landing page suggestions, and keyword bidding strategies to improve Quality Scores.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a perfect way for companies to reach qualified potential customers who will convert. Get started spreading brand awareness and earning more conversions today.



We deliver intelligent PPC strategies that decrease cost per click and increase targeted clicks that convert. PPC management requires tactical skill and accurate implementation overseen by experienced search marketing professionals. Our certified Google AdWords experts develop your digital ad campaigns using best PPC practices to improve overall account performance.


User Journey Visualization

We will identify and learn from your users journey after they click on one of your paid search ads.

PPC Account Audit & Analysis

You see exactly how users are responding to your ads with our extensive AdWords account audits.

Learn Your Business Goals

Understanding your business goals allows us to start developing a strategic plan that delivers results.

Targeted Keyword Research

We find the keyword phrases your potential customers are searching and attack them systematically.

Industry & Competitor Research

We identify your PPC competitors and learn what you're up against and where your opportunities are.

Landing Pages Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of all paid search landing pages by PPC marketers that understand design.


PPC Analytics & Tracking Setup

Certified PPC marketers review and setup your analytics so you get the most out of your campaign data.

Set A Smart Budget

Creative PPC strategies that generate quality leads while getting the most out of your PPC budget.

Reporting Measurement System

A reporting and measurement system shows progress and ties goals and revenue to clear metrics.

Lead & Conversion Tracking

Marketing attributions methods and intricate sales funnels for tracking and analyzing conversion sources.

Geographic Targeting

We identify your key converting geographical locations and use data to make smart PPC decisions.

Demographic Targeting

We learn your key demographics and target your key audience online using age, gender, and much more.


Campaign Settings Setup

Your PPC manager will setup your campaign type, geographic location, and initial bid strategy and budget.

Keyword Bidding Strategy

We plan and implement proven keyword bidding strategies that get the most out of your daily budget.

Ad Copy Creation

We create eye-catching ad copy that offers customers believability about your product or brand.

Campaign Structure

Strategically segmented campaigns that drill down into tightly themed ad groups and keyword groups.

Ad Group Development

Targeted ad groups with relevant ads and keywords that directly relate to that groups audience.

Landing Page Development

Our UI experts design high quality landing pages that look great and turn clicks into more conversions.


Keyword Bidding

We help our clients save big money using time-proven keyword bidding strategies that increases your ROI.

Ad Copy Refinement

No matter how many times you optimize your ad copy, there is always something to test or tweak.

A/B Testing

Strategic A/B testing allows us to continuously improve conversion rates for your PPC campaigns.

Ad Extensions

We use ad extensions to stand out among the top 3 spots, earning you more results page real estate.

Testing and Measuring.

We monitor all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and continuously optimize each PPC campaign.

Ad Scheduling

We develop a custom ad schedule that keeps your most valuable ads running during the peak hours.

Results-Driven Digital Marketing

Your prospects are looking for you… But can they find you? We help clients get new customers everyday. We have achieved impressive search engine rankings and phenomenal traffic inflows for clients from the most diverse range of industries.

Earn More Inbound Leads & Sales

Our search engine marketing strategies help increase your website traffic, leads, & sales.

Dedicated Digital Marketing Team

Eliminate the high cost and hassle of maintaining a full time in-house digital marketing department.

Detailed Tracking & Reporting

In-depth reports on traffic, goals, conversion rates, and useful key performance indicators (KPIs).

Customized Strategies That Work

We have more than 16 years of experience developing winning digital marketing strategies.

Affordable Pricing & Real Results

Some companies may offer you a cheaper package, but often spend little or no time on your project.

Worry Free Service Agreements

Month-to-month contracts. If we don't deliver, why should you be forced to stick around?

Google Partner Agency

As a Google Partner Agency, our AdWords Account Managers are certified in Adwords Fundamentals, Advanced Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Shopping, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Google Analytics. This means that your account will be in the hands of one of the few companies in the entire industry that have all of these certifications for their entire staff.

Our Digital Marketing Team

Our digital marketing professionals are certified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Video Ads, Google Shopping, and Bing Ads Certification. You can count on us to stay-up-to-date on the industry, so you can focus on your business without falling behind in the digital age.

We’re a group of talented individuals who are passionate about what we do. We specialize in digital marketing and web development, and we’re driven by our passion to improve our client’s online presence. We give our clients our undivided attention, ensuring that they receive measurable results that produce return on investment. Every day we’re researching, analyzing, designing, coding, reporting, and creating engaging content that converts for our clients.

Client Testimonial

"We knew that SEO was something we wanted to explore and unlike some other agency's that treat it as a black box - Chris takes the time to answer any and all questions and explain what he's doing. This has allowed our team to identify areas of growth and with Chris' advice and expertise, achieve specific goals.

Chris is also able to breakdown where our online traffic is coming from and help us determine if advertising opportunities are worth the investment. Best of all, his rapid responsiveness and constant availability has made him more a member of our team versus a hired vendor."

Andy Salyards
URBAN Restaurants Group

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